Taylor Swift Shares Relatable Message About Her Hair During Eras Tour


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When it concerns frizzy hair, Taylor Swift is shaking it off.

The “Karma” vocalist didn’t avoid a beat when she saw her natural curls beginning to levitate throughout her March 3 Eras Tour display in Kallang,Singapore

“As you can see, my hair has returned to its factory settings,” she informed concertgoers, while swiping her bangs to the side, per a fan account video published on X, “thanks to the humidity here.”

The Grammy winner clarified she wasn’t making a hassle over her hairs, however rather, in wonder of her fans.

“I’m not complaining, I like it,” she continued. “I do want to commend you. It’s very humid and you guys turned it up 100 percent all night. You’ve been dancing, you’ve been standing and taking pictures all night, and you look so cute.”

She then joked, “Why am I sweating so much? Then I’m looking at you—you all look perfect.”