Taylor Swift’s Spotify offer and Samsung’s six-camera superphone (CNET UK Podcast 548 reveal notes)

Taylor Swift's Spotify deal and Samsung's six-camera superphone (CNET UK Podcast 548 show notes)

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CNET UK Podcast 548: Taylor Swift’s Spotify deal and…


Taylor Swift has a new record deal and she’s hoping to use it to make music a more lucrative industry for other artists. As if we didn’t already think the global superstar is brilliant.

Andy also brings us the new rumours for Samsung’s next superphone, the Galaxy S10. Did someone say “massive screen and six cameras“? Yes, Andy did, on this podcast. Listen, for proof. 

Andy and Katie also discuss why Netflix’s new Christmas film is both awful and brilliant and which great mobile games have been taking up all our time. 

CNET UK podcast 548

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