Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Shares Her Secret for a Healthy Sex Life

Teen Mom's Cheyenne Shares Her Secret for a Healthy Sex Life

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Champagne and roses are great and all, however have you ever saw your partner mop the floorings unannounced?

Because if you ask the stars of Teen Mom: Family Reunion (season 3 of the MTV spinoff airs at 8 p.m. on March 13), coming down and filthy must begin with some great tidy enjoyable. “You have to make love to your partner through their mind all day,” Cheyenne Floyd, wed to hubby Zach Davis considering that September 2022, described in a special interview with E! News, “before you try to get sexy time in.”

It’s a lesson that has actually likewise made Jade Cline‘s newlywed stage with hubby of 5 months Sean Austin especially spicy.

“Because you wake up every day and you’re like go, go, go, I have stuff to do,” she stated of the you-know-what block that utilized to stand in her method. “And it doesn’t make you feel sexy after a long day of school and house cleaning and running around the city. At the end of the day, I’m not thinking, like oh, let’s jump in bed together. That was my mindset. And now I feel like there’s different things we do all day to make me ready to get nasty.”