The market is stressed that oil’s increase might trigger an economic crisis

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CNBC’s Jim Cramer broke down why oil’s increasing rate has Wall Street anxious about an economic crisis, indicating the fall in oil stocks on Wednesday even as unrefined hit record levels.

“As long as oil prices keep climbing, it’s hard to make the case for a soft landing. Oil’s a nightmare for the Fed. It reverberates throughout the whole economy, and there seems to be no stopping it,” the “Mad Money” host stated. “Every time crude goes up, so do the odds of a recession,” he included.

Oil costs reached a 13- week high up onWednesday While energy names in the S&P 500 taped a small gain, just a handful of the stocks were favorable.

“I don’t believe in the stagflation thesis,” Cramer stated, describing when the economy goes through a downturn while inflation and joblessness run high. “Ideally, we can wangle our way out of energy inflation with more supply” from American manufacturers.

Cramer stated that if costs continue to climb up, that might cause require damage, which in turn might cause an economic crisis as customers draw back on costs in general– which suggests difficulty for the economy and policymakers.

“Even if we don’t get a lot more supply, the price of oil will eventually come down simply from demand destruction. But if it’s done that way, we could be in for a miserable, long, hot summer,” he included.