The Most Shocking Revelations From Danny Masterson’s First Rape Trial

The Most Shocking Revelations From Danny Masterson's First Rape Trial

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“‘Grab the f–king soap,'” he informed her, per her recollection, however she could not. “He grabbed my hair,” she continued, “and pulled me up because I kept trying to sit back down…I don’t remember soaping myself.” She primarily kept in mind being plunged on the flooring of the shower, then the water switching off, after which, she stated, “I guess I went unconscious or something, I don’t remember.”

Jen stated she’s not exactly sure how she made it out of the restroom, however then Masterson “kind of picked me up and pushed me onto the bed.” Once once again, she continued, “I was asleep or passed out or unconscious.” She confessed that her memory of the series of occasions was hazy.

But, she continued, “To the best of my knowledge, when I first woke up on that bed he was on top of me and his penis was inside of me, and that’s when I came to. Immediately my first realization was that, that’s what I awoke to.”

She attempted to put a pillow in between them, she remembered, however he got it and held it over her face, triggering her to pass out once again. When she pertained to, she stated, she got at his throat. Then he put his hand around her throat, Jen stated, and “squeezed really hard.” Mueller asked what she believed at that minute. “That I was going to die,” she responded. “He’s going to kill me.”