TheNo 1 soft ability that forecasts kids’ success more than IQ– and how to teach it

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Through my research study as a kid psychologist, I’ve discovered that determination is theNo 1 soft ability that sets kids who are extremely encouraged apart from those who quit quickly. In truth, research studies have actually supported that it is a more powerful predictor of success than IQ.

Kids who have determination do not quit in the face of obstacles. They think their efforts will settle, so they remain encouraged to strive and complete what they begin, regardless of any barriers that emerge.

Here are 9 methods moms and dads can assist kids develop determination:

1. Fight the elements that prevent kids.

2. Teach that mistakes are growth opportunities.

3. “Chunk” tasks.

4. Celebrate small wins.

5. Stretch their focus.

6. Correct “stumblers.”

7. Praise effort.

8. Come up with “stick-to-it” statements.

9. Step back and let them figure it out.