The Real Story Behind Joe Gorga’s Run-In With Teresa Giudice’s Ex Joe

The Real Story Behind Joe Gorga's Run-In With Teresa Giudice's Ex Joe

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Melissa Gorga has actually gone into the chat.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is speaking up after her niece Gia Giudice knocked Joe Gorga for reuniting with her father Joe Giudice

In truth, Melissa states it’s “sad” anybody– including her household– would believe her spouse had an ulterior intention for publishing a video with sis Teresa Giudice‘s ex-husband throughout a current confrontation in the Bahamas in the middle of their continuous fight.

“He showed up to the hotel we were at, we didn’t go look for Joe Giudice,” Melissa discussed throughout an unique E! News interview on March 6. “He obviously knew what hotel we were at.”

Melissa stated “Joe Giudice showed up to where we were gambling” and the encounter was totally “unexpected.”

“We were walking into a bar at the same time, and they saw each other,” she continued. “Thank god the two of them open arms, hugged it out. No mention of the past, no mention of Teresa, not even one word. No mention of her new man, zero. The two of them talked about what Joe’s doing for work, that their fathers both passed away. They haven’t seen each other in eight years.”