This $7 Leave-In Conditioner Gives Me Luxe Haircare-Worthy Results

This $7 Leave-In Conditioner Gives Me Luxe Haircare-Worthy Results

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“I have been using leave in conditioner for awhile now but this is honestly the best I’ve ever used. I have honestly been completely wowed by this stuff! It only takes a very little bit to condition your whole head of hair. For reference, I have past shoulder length extremely thick hair that use to take me a full handful of conditioner to do anything with. With this I just do a few squirts on my hair, rub it in, and it brushes through so easily. I have noticed a change in my hair as well. It’s versatile in that it’s a conditioner, seems to repair your hair to a point, controls frizz, and leaves my hair feeling soft. I would recommend this and have to anyone. It’s a great value for the price and it lasts forever. I’ve had it for several months now and still have three quarters of the bottle.”

“This is a great product for teaming, my fine, wiry hair! After losing my hair, three years ago, due to chemotherapy and radiation, I am having difficulty controlling and managing what’s left of the chemo curls… This product has helped me to blow dry my hair without using a flat iron after… I have purchased the entire line of this product… I love it!”

“This is the best leave in conditioner! My daughters and myself have thick, wavy hair, and this product mixed with damp hair takes all of the tangles out, without hurting anyones scalp. It also has a pleasant scent and doesn’t dry crunchy or greasy. It leaves hair silky and soft! The only thing to note, is that the spray bottle can get clogged by the dried product and when you go to spray it, it may squirt in different directions. I like to cover the nozzle with my hand and spray a few times directly in my palm, rub it together and swipe it through my hair. Definitely a must have!”

“To say this is Amazing is an understatement. I found the shampoo and conditioner that goes along with this in between the three my hair went from feeling like straw to feeling soft and silky. I don’t lose nearly as much hair as I used to and my hair stays clean for days on end, I usually wash every other day. This is a must buy.”

“i’ve been using this product since 2019 when i got a pixie cut and regretted it LOL. i’ve had significant hair growth after exclusively using this product and my hair is now down to my butt here in 2023. i love this stuff and i couldn’t recommend it more to anyone looking to grow their hair and detangle all in one”

” I have curly hair that I use directly. When I leave the shower, I invest a great 5 to 10 minutes attempting to brush my hair so I can blow it dry. I have actually utilized every imaginal detangler, on the marketplace, and some have actually worked OK. This things works fantastic. I was shocked since I wasn’t anticipating much however the very first time I utilized it I instantly saw how well it works. It’s simple to use, you simply spray it on, and after that brush right through it. whether you are young and your hair is simply tingly since you’re a kid or if you’re old like me and you have curly hair, this things will work for you.’

“I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks and I love the way it makes my hair feel. It makes my hair feel soft within weighing it down. Oddly enough it has also helped with my oily scalp. I had to wash my hair every day or pull it back if I didn’t wash it. It would get greasy especially around my face. This leave in conditioner has really helped with that, which was something I was not expecting. I can now go 2-3 days between washings and be able to leave my hair down and style it without looking like a greaseball!”

“I cannot use the language on here that I’d love to to describe how amazing it is. I have fine hair that has wave and tends to be on the frizz side. Post shower, I sprayed this on my hair and as it was almost dry, hit it again with some more. My hair loves this bc it moisturizes but never weighs it down. I end up with these pretty, soft waves and no frizz. I can even get some curl definition from it and not even use anything else, while air drying. My hair drinks up this product and it also smelled freaking amazing. I will fight someone for this product, it’s that good.”