This Hollywood Icon Inspired Margot Robbie’s Red Babylon Look

This Hollywood Icon Inspired Margot Robbie's Red Babylon Look

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Lights, cam, style.

There’s no rejecting Margot Robbie is anticipated to appeal the screen in Babylon, Paramount’s upcoming function that highlights the movie market’s shift from the quiet age to early talkies in the 1920 s.

And what much better method to catch the glamour and glamour of the Roaring Twenties than through a fantastic closet? In reality, the very first clothing Margot’s character, Nellie, uses in the brand-new flick is a bold red playsuit that includes a plunging neck line and sarong skirt.

Babylon outfit designer Mary Zophres exposed that Anna May Wong– the very first Chinese American motion picture star– was the motivation behind the red-hot appearance.

“There’s a photograph of her and she has this scarf that’s wrapped around her neck and it comes down,” she solely informed E! News about the Hollywood pioneer. “That’s where I got the idea for Margot.”

According to Zophres, the intense playsuit was implied to make a declaration.

“It says strength, power, anger, passion, and all these things you want to the audience know about Nellie in the first 20 minutes of the film,” she solely informed E!News “It’s a very risqué and provocatively-dressed time period.”