This is the No.1 characteristic connected to living longer

This is the No.1 personality trait linked to living longer

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The variety of individuals who are living to a minimum of 100 years of ages in the U.S. has actually folded the previous years.

Many centenarians credit their durability, a minimum of in part, to their favorable mindset.

Roslyn Menaker, 103, informed The Guardian that “happiness, joy, appreciation … a positive outlook,” are why she has actually lived so long. Ruth Sweedler, 103, informed CNBC Make It that she was constantly applauded for her great mindset maturing. “When I walked into a classroom, my teacher would say, ‘Good morning, sunshine!’ Because I was so cheerful,” she stated.

While senior citizens may feel being favorable has actually contributed in their durability, the relationship in between character and aging is more nuanced, states David Watson, a previous teacher of character psychology at the University of Notre Dame.

“I think the effects of just being positive are overstated,” he states. But there are other characteristics he thinks are carefully connected to durability.

‘Conscientious individuals do not do silly things’

When breaking down character, it’s useful to take a look at the Five Factor Model, a character theory that recommends the majority of people’s characteristics can be organized into 5 classifications: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

Conscientiousness, or how arranged and disciplined you are, is the most associated to durability, Watson states.

This is most likely due to the fact that individuals with high degrees of conscientiousness are much better at looking after themselves. Conscientious individuals, for instance, tend to consume alcohol in small amounts and consume more well balanced meals, he states.

“Conscientious people don’t do stupid things so they have lower rates of accidents and better health behaviors,” he states.

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The great news is you can increase your conscientiousness with age. There are even conscientiousness workshops that look for to increase an individual’s capability to self-regulate, Watson states.

“The basic idea is if you want to increase your conscientiousness, act more conscientious, and the attitude follows the behavior,” he states. “Try to be on time for things. Follow through on things.”

This does not indicate a favorable mindset not does anything, he includes.

Agreeableness can play a part in durability, too, specifically when it pertains to weathering difficult scenarios.

“Psychologically healthy people have a quicker recovery time,” he states. “They are able to tell themselves, ‘This is not that big of a deal.’ They find ways to bring themselves back into that equilibrium.”

If you’re living a healthy way of life and able to recuperate from challenge, that, Watson states, might cause having a longer, more rewarding life.

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