Trump Georgia election trial juror names need to be secret, DA states

Trump Georgia election trial juror names should be secret, DA says

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis speaks throughout a press conference at the Fulton County Government structure in Atlanta,Aug 14, 2023.

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The Atlanta district lawyer asked a judge Wednesday to keep jurors’ names secret in the criminal trials of previous President Donald Trump and 18 other offenders on Georgia election conspiracy charges.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis in her movement likewise asked that courtroom cams disappoint the jurors throughout any trial, and bar the publication of composed descriptions of individuals on a jury.

Willis pointed out the direct exposure of the supposed names of the 23 members of the grand jury that prosecuted Trump and his co-defendants.

The DA utilized the term “doxing,” which is revealing individual info about people, frequently with the intent of triggering them psychological distress or physical damage. She stated that authorities safeguarded the grand juror to “prevent harassment and violence against them” after conspiracy theory sites released their expected names and house addresses.

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“Based on the doxing of Fulton County grand jurors and the Fulton County District Attorney, it is clearly foreseeable that trial jurors will likely be doxed should their names be made available to the public,” Willis composed in her movement in county Superior Court.

“If that were to happen, the effect on jurors’ ability to decide the issues before them impartially and without outside influence would undoubtedly be placed in jeopardy, both placing them in physical danger and materially affecting all of the Defendants’ constitutional right to fair and impartial jury,” the district attorney composed.

Trump and the other offenders are charged with an extensive plan to unlawfully reverse his loss in the state’s 2020 election to President Joe Biden.