Twilight Turns 12: Learn the Franchise’s Surprising Secrets – E! Online

Twilight Turns 12: Learn the Franchise's Surprising Secrets - E! Online

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17. After dying her hair blonde to play Cullen member of the family Rosalie in the very first movie, Reed decided to use a wig for the remainder of the series to safeguard her hair. “My hair fell out,” she exposed to MTV of the damage done to her hair after Twilight. “It took 36 hours initially to make me blond, and every other day, I was bleaching my head and my skin. This time around, we are testing out different wigs and stuff.”

18. More wig problems: After cutting her hair to play Joan Jett in The Runaways, Stewart needed to use a wig for Eclipse, one that made a great deal of eyebrow-raises. Leading as much as Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Stewart ensured fans she would be rocking her own hair and exposed Summit actually didn’t desire her to slice her hair in the very first location. 

“They’re going to hate me for this, but they offered me lots of ridiculous… many ridiculous things to not do that,” she informed George Lopez in 2010, “I completely understand, I just thought we’d have a better…wig, and, uh, it’s OK, we worked it out, and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, it’s OK now.”

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