Ukraine: Russians leave check in Chernobyl reading ‘try to find a mine’

    Russian forces may have laid land mines at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Picture: Reuters)

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    Vladimir Putin’s forces might have laid ground mine at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Picture: Reuters)

    Russian armed force who inhabited Chernobyl might have laid a labyrinth of landmines as they pulled back, a Ukrainian main worries.

    Undeterred by security issues, occupiers held more than 100 Ukrainian personnel at the plant hostage for a month, restricting them to one standard meal a day prior to getting away at the start of April.

    Graffiti indications checking out ‘this passage is mined’ and ‘expect a surprise, look for a mine’ were left, according to video gathered by the Ukrainian Witness media group.

    This suggests there is still an increased threat for employees due to radiation and the capacity for surges brought on by the planted landmines.

    Maksym Shevchuk, deputy head of Ukraine’s State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management, informed the i: ‘Our sappers are now working on the de-mining of key locations and checking everything it is possible to check.’

    He stated ‘for now people are using only well-known routes and asphalt roads’ in order to prevent any covert landmines.

    Last week, Belarusian media Belsat television reported border guards from Belarus were exploded by a landmine left by the Russian military throughout their retreat from the plant.

    Valeriy Korshunov, creator of the Ukraine- based European Institute of Chernobyl, likewise cautioned the nuclear fuel storage center and other centers within the exemption zone ‘may be mined’.

    A dosimetrist measures the level of radiation around trenches dug by the Russian military in the Red Forest (Picture: Reuters)

    A dosimetrist determines the level of radiation around trenches dug by the Russian military in the Red Forest (Picture: Reuters)

    Map showing where Russian forces dug trenches in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Picture:

    Map revealing where Russian forces dug trenches in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Picture:Metro

    Shocking photos from inside the exemption zone now reveal a scene of destruction, with bombed bridges, deserted tanks and robbed centers.

    Footage likewise emerged on Telegram which appears to verify worries Russians dug trenches in the Red Forest, which is the most contaminated location in the location.

    The soldiers had actually obviously for weeks in the forest– which got a few of the greatest radiation dosages when the reactor took off back in 1986– and it is still extremely radioactive 36 years later on.

    ‘The international community had taken steps for Chernobyl to be completely safe,’ Claire Corkhill, teacher in nuclear product destruction at the University of Sheffield, informed the paper.

    She included that the Russian intruders have now ‘messed up the whole plan we had for Chernobyl’.

    A general view of trenches near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (Picture: Reuters)

    A basic view of the trenches near the plant in Pripyat (Picture: Reuters)

    Trenches dug by the Russian military are seen in an area with high levels of radiation called the Red Forest (Picture: Reuters)

    Experts stated there are no reports of increased levels of radiation in Europe at the minute (Picture: Reuters)

    According to Energoatom, which runs all 4 nuclear power stations in Ukraine, all structures in Chernobyl were robbed and a modern-day lab worth ₤ 5 million was robbed and damaged.

    More worrying, professionals state, is the loss of interactions and keeping track of abilities.

    Before the war, information from Chernobyl was sent out daily to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    Patrick Regan, teacher of radionuclide metrology at the University of Surrey, stated: ‘The biggest worry for them is they weren’ t getting the reports sent out to the IAEA.

    ‘They monitor the background levels all the time so if you don’ t have that info, you can’t send out that info on individually, and you can’t see what the radiation levels are on the ground there.

    ‘If there was a huge release [of radiation], you can’t conceal that, you can determine it inEurope


    ‘There’ s a spick-and-span finger print, a gamma ray signature that informs you there’s a release of radioactive product connected to a nuclear fission fuel occasion.

    ‘And there’ s no reports of any of those at the minute.’

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