Ukraine shoots down 6 ‘unstoppable’ Russian hypersonic rockets|World News

    Ukrainian air defence brought down missiles as Kyiv came under heavy fire

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    Ukrainian air defence drove away an ‘remarkable’ barrage of rockets targeted at Kyiv last night (Picture: Getty)

    Ukraine declares to have actually shot down 6 Russian hypersonic Kinzhal rockets in a single night, warding off a superweapon Moscow had actually formerly declared was unstoppable.

    Missiles and drones drizzled down on Kyiv last night in among the biggest air attacks the Ukrainian capital had actually suffered because the start of Russia’s intrusion.

    Yet in what seemed a test of Kyiv’s brand-new US-supplied air defence system to date, almost all the rockets were driven away- consisting of a whole payload of ‘unstoppable’ Kinzhals.

    The 6 Kinzhals, ballistic rockets which take a trip at approximately 10 times the speed of noise, were amongst a volley of 18 rockets Russia fired at Ukraine over night, illuminating Kyiv with flashes and drizzling particles after they were blasted from the sky.

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    .Kyiv Mayor Vitalii Klitschko shows a Kh-47 Kinzhal Russian hypersonic missile warhead, shot down by a Ukrainian Air Defence unit amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, at a compound of the Scientific Research Institute in Kyiv, Ukraine May 12, 2023. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko
    KyivMayorVitaliiKlitschko reveals aKh-47KinzhalRussian hypersonic rocket warhead, shot down by aUkrainianAirDefence system(Picture:Reuters)

    Russia’s defence ministry declared to have actually damaged anAmerican- constructed(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )surface-to-air rocket defence system with among the hypersonic rockets.

    But the commander-in-chief ofUkraine’s militaries,Valeriy Zaluzhnyi stated all had actually been effectively obstructed.

    City authorities in theUkrainian capital stated 3 individuals were injured by falling particles.

    (****************** )‘It was exceptional in its density – the maximum number of attack missiles in the shortest period of time,’(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )Popko, head ofKyiv’s city military administration, stated onTelegram

    Zaluzhnyi stated his forces had actually obstructed the 6Kinzhals introduced from airplane, in addition to 9Kalibr cruise rockets from ships in theBlackSea and 3Iskanders fired from land.

    Earlier this month,Ukraine declared to have actually shot down a singleKinzhal rocket overKyiv for the very first time utilizing a freshly released U.S.Patriot air defence system.


    The hypersonic rockets, which had actually long been promoted byPutin as a world-beater, can bring standard or nuclear warheads for2000 km and travel at speeds of approximatelyMach10( 7,600 miles per hour).

    Ukraine Front Lines @EuromaidanPR russian hypersonic invincible Kinzhal missile debris falling on Kyiv?s streets
    Debris from the obstructed rockets were discovered spread throughoutKyiv(Picture: @EuromaidenPR)

    RussianPresidentVladimirPutin has actually often promoted theKinzhal as evidence of world-beatingRussian military hardware, efficient in handling NATO.

    WithUkrainian forces preparing to go on the offensive for the very first time in 6 months,Russia is now releasing long-range air campaign at the greatest frequency of the war.

    It has actually introduced 8 drone and rocket volleys up until now this month, compared to weekly throughout the winter season and a lull inMarch andAprilKyiv states it has actually been shooting most down.

    The previous week has actually seen Ukrainian forces make their most significant gains on the battleground because lastNovember, regaining numerous square km of area on the northern and southern borders of the battleground city ofBakhmutMoscow has actually acknowledged that a few of its soldiers have actually pulled away however rejects that its fight lines are falling apart.

    Kyiv states those advances are localised and do not yet represent the full blast of its upcoming counteroffensive, which is anticipated to benefit from numerous contemporary tanks and armoured automobiles sent out by the West this year.

    AUkrainian counteroffensive would bring the next significant stage of the war after a bigRussian winter season offensive that stopped working to record substantial brand-new area in spite of the bloodiest ground fight inEurope becauseWorldWarTwo

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