Vladimir Putin is ‘alive and hasn’t been changed with a doppelgänger’

    An image of Vladimir Putin with arrows pointing to his ears and mouth.

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    No, the Vladimir Putin the world is seeing is not a doppelgänger, a specialist has actually worried (Picture: AP)

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is quite alive, a specialist in identifying individuals’s faces has actually declared

    Putin’s health and whether he has a doppelgänger have actually long been fodder for speculation amongst journalism, experts and even Ukrainian intelligence authorities.

    From declares he ‘soiled himself’ after being up to having cancer due to the fact that of a cancelled conference, the Kremlin has actually been not able to get rid of the speculation.

    And if his health has actually deviated for the even worse, Moscow has obviously got a stunt double on standby– among 3 doubles of the 70- year-old, according to Ukraine’s intelligence chief.

    Major General Kyrylo Budanov stated in October: ‘The big question is whether the real Putin still exists?’

    But Simone Malik, a ‘super-recogniser’ and picture artist from Bradford in West Yorkshire, has actually firmly insisted there is no Putin clone.

    ‘Super-recognisers’ are individuals who can memorise and remember faces– even after the briefest or blurriest of glances, such as low-resolution CCTV.

    Based on ‘key areas’ of the strongman leader’s face, Simone states she’s ‘almost certain’ Putin is not utilizing a body double.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a meeting with senior military officers in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2022. (Sergey Fadeichev/Pool Photo via AP)

    Now 70, Putin’s health has actually ended up being the topic of enormous chatter and speculation (Picture: AP)

    Simone, 42, studied Putin’s nose, ears and lips following his look at Moscow University recently.

    While Putin’s face is rounder and puffier than previously, this is likely down to ‘natural ageing or an underlying health condition’.

    ‘There’ s rumours walking around that he’s been utilizing a body double or he’s dead,’ she stated.

    ‘But based on some key elements, I don’ t believe a body double has actually been utilized. I identify a crease on his ear and the extremely unique slant in his lip.

    ‘With his lips, you can see even in his younger days his lips slant on the left side – when he smiles you can see his face dips to one side. It’ s a location that’s worsened with age however it’s still there.

    ‘With his ears, one side of his ears is slightly thicket and he’ s likewise got a crease in the ear.

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    Simone based her conclusion partially on Putin’s creased ear (Picture: SWNS)

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    The president’s face has actually ended up being puffier throughout the years, the ‘super-recogniser stated (Picture: SWNS)

    ‘If you take a look at a natural or typical human ear, it does not have that additional crease– it’s a specifying aspect of Putin’s ear.

    ‘He’ s likewise got the very same slope in his nose from his side profile. Every angle of his face compared to the more youthful Putin compares.’

    The previous NHS employee included that ‘it’ s constantly been him’ and his look has actually never ever considerably altered throughout the years.

    ‘His face has changed quite a bit, it used to be a bit more stretched and now it’ s a bit rounder with more puffiness,’ she stated.

    ‘But that’ s extremely constant with natural aging or hidden health concerns that might be continuous.

    ‘His skin looks a bit different, he used to have more of a tanned face but not so much anymore. That could be for a number of reasons – again ageing, health or maybe just less time in the sun.’

    Russian President Vladimir Putin walks to lay flowers while attending commemorations marking the 80th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the battle of Stalingrad in the southern Russian city of Volgograd, once known as Stalingrad, Russia, Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023. The battle of Stalingrad turned the tide of World War II and is regarded as the bloodiest battle in history, with the death toll for soldiers and civilians estimated at about 2 million. (Kirill Braga, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

    One Ukrainian authorities has actually even declared Putin has 3 doubles (Picture: AP)

    Training and support system Agency Super Recognisers International states super-recognisers like Simone are ‘superior to computerised facial recognition software’ and some deal with authorities to locate wrongdoers.

    ‘I feel like I was on a path to help or to do good, really,’ Simone stated, ‘or to give back to society.’

    With Russia’s war versus Ukraine including fuel to the fire, Putin’s declared ill-health has actually been the topic of examination for many years.

    Though, both Russian and Western intelligence authorities have actually insisted this is not the case.

    CIA director William Burns stated last July: ‘There are lots of rumours about President Putin’ s health and as far as we can inform he’s completely too healthy.’

    Richard Moore, the head of Britain’s MI6, informed the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado: ‘There is no evidence that Putin is suffering from serious illness.’

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