Watch Bachelor Star Clayton Break Down Over Feeling “Broken”

Clayton Echard's Surprising Reaction to Criticism for His Season

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Clayton Echard got noticeably psychological on The Bachelor— no, genuine this time.

In a preview at the March 14 episode, Echard was required to handle the wreckage of his dreadful separation with Susie Evans

After sitting alone in a huge church, Clayton admitted that he was not managing things well.

“I’m hurt right now,” he states. “Last night, everything blew up and Susie left. I’m just so messed up. I need somebody to help me because I’m so broken.”

After being called out– improperly, he argues– for weeping on a date with Sarah, Clayton reveals genuine vulnerability and hurt over Susie’s exit.

Clayton leaves the church, gets some fresh air and takes a seat with host Jesse Palmer on a park bench to even more dissect his sensations.

“To be completely blindsided by last night with Susie and to feel like everything that we had meant nothing, it just shattered me and my trust,” he admits. “It’s like, where do I go from here?”