Watch Deena Cortese’s Son Meet Baby Brother Cameron for the First Time – E! Online

Watch Deena Cortese's Son Meet Baby Brother Cameron for the First Time - E! Online

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The brotherly love is genuine in between Deena Cortese‘s boys. 

Just one day after revealing the birth of kid Cameron Theo Buckner, the Jersey Shore star dealt with fans to valuable video from 2-year-old Christopher “CJ” Buckner‘s very first interaction with his child sibling. 

“Our family is now complete,” Deena, 34, started her Instagram post. In one picture, Deena is all smiles together with spouse Christopher Buckner and their kids as they get back from the health center.  

So how is CJ settling into his brand-new function? According to Deena, it was love at very first sight for the Cortese young boys. 

As the MTV character discussed, “CJ was sooo excited when we came home with Cameron especially because Cameron got him a big brother present and cupcakes.. right off the bat he started helping me take care of him.. and gave him kisses.”

A video of the siblings bonding reveals CJ gingerly positioning a pacifier in Cameron’s mouth as Deena informs him, “You want to help mommy feed him?”

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