Watch Queen Elizabeth II’s Return to Acting–With a Fan-Favorite Friend

Watch Queen Elizabeth II's Return to Acting—With a Fan-Favorite Friend

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The most valuable tea ceremony ever.

Queen Elizabeth II flaunted her outstanding acting chops together with Paddington Bear in a charming brand-new video.

In the clip, the king and the precious English character fulfill for afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace in London.

“Perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich,” uses the CGI bear– voiced by star Ben Whishaw— as he pulls one out of his hat. “I always keep one for emergencies.”

“So do I,” the Queen remarks, pulling her own sandwich out of her dependable purse. “I keep mine in here, for later.”

This isn’t Her Majesty’s very first stab at acting. She formerly appeared with Daniel Craig as James Bond in a video that dipped into the 2012 London Olympics opening event.

The Queen and Paddington’s pre-recorded act aired for guests at the BBC’s Party at the Palace performance in front of Buckingham Palace, part of the 96- year-old’s Platinum Jubilee events.