Watch Tarek El Moussa’s Romantic Proposal to Heather Rae Young – E! Online

Watch Tarek El Moussa's Romantic Proposal to Heather Rae Young - E! Online

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Of course, she stated yes and the 2 commemorated with a romantic supper neglecting the ocean.

“I’m feeling amazing, actually,” the future groom stated. “So, like, earlier, I was super confident, I wasn’t nervous, I was more excited. Like, she took the turn and I saw the dress, I saw her smile. And right away, I started shaking. I started getting nervous. And the entire way she was walking to me, I don’t remember anything. And I got down on my knee. And the good news is she said yes.”

But did the bride have any concept a proposition was on the method? “I mean, I was, like, thinking in my head, like, I would love if he proposed,” Heather stated, “but I just thought you were being super extra romantic for our one-year anniversary.”

She likewise could not assist however gush over her brand-new fiancé. “Pretty much no one knows the real Tarek, and the real Tarek is so sweet and so romantic, at least to me,” Heather shared, “But, like, the romance has been from the very beginning, and it’s going to be the rest of our lives.”

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