Wendy Williams’ Lifetime Biopic Trailer Teases Terrifying On-Air Faint – E! Online

Wendy Williams' Lifetime Biopic Trailer Teases Terrifying On-Air Faint - E! Online

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The Statue of Liberty continues to stand high in the New York Harbor, however on Oct. 31, 2017, a various type of Statue of Liberty came dropping.

On that Halloween day, audiences of The Wendy Williams Show were shocked to see host Wendy Williams collapse on live tv. Dressed up as the nationwide monolith, the host drastically was up to the flooring and manufacturers hurried to her help. 

The next day, she went back to the program to discuss to her fans that it was not a joke, nor was it a stroke. Rather, Wendy was short on electrolytes at the time. “I’m a 53-year-old middle-aged woman going through what middle-aged women go through if you know what I mean,” she discussed. “The costume got hot. All the sudden right before passing out, I felt like I was in the middle of a campfire.”

Wendy confessed the experience was “scary,” however stated she would be great. In reality, she joked, “For individuals who believed that I was [stroking out] attempting to get this chair next, nope, I’m here for a very long time.”

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