What Went Down During The Bachelor’s Rose Ceremony From Hell

Clayton Echard's Surprising Reaction to Criticism for His Season

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Rachel, on the other hand, was no less disheveled.

“I feel really heartbroken,” she stated through tears. “I actually never ever believed there might be a possibility he might be in love with 3 people. In love! It seems like it suggested absolutely nothing. I’m simply expected to get my heart broken for the opportunity that he might like me a bit more than others?”

Well, this is The Bachelor

Clayton ultimately took a seat with Rachel, also, in an effort to clarify the scenario.

“The love that I feel for you is not the love that I feel for Gabby. It’s different,” he stated. “That’s all I can say. I know it doesn’t make sense. But it’s different. It’s not the same. You are two different people. I have different feelings in different ways.”

Somehow this is just getting more complicated.

With Rachel’s heart on the flooring, Clayton swore that he was still in love with her and– surprise!– he desired her to satisfy his household, who was waiting close by.

Finally, it was time for the rose event itself. Rachel was up initially, who accepted Clayton’s increased with nary a reservation. Up next, obviously, wasGabby When Clayton asked if she accepted the rose, she stated “I can’t, I’m sorry” and went out.

* hint the screams of Bachelor Nation *