What’s Going on With the Future of Game of Thrones? – E! Online

What's Going on With the Future of Game of Thrones? - E! Online

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The last season of Game of Thrones was, obviously, not really favored, and neither was this tweet. 

“Winter has GONE,” wrote one Twitter user. “YOU BLEW IT.” 

“Never before have I seen a series nose dive so hard and be abandoned by its fans and viewers,” wrote another. “I’m currently re-watching the show and it physically hurts to know how unrewarding the finale is. If y’all can revive this franchise, it would be a miracle.” 

“Season 8 remake?” another fan recommended. 

One individual had a truly fantastic, if tough, concept. 

“Between us I’m ALL IN on us pretending it’s early 2019, season 8 hasn’t happened yet, and doing the damn thing fresh,” they said. “Our secret!” 

The bulk of fans who made the effort to react to the concept of winter season coming appeared to be in contract that they wish to see another take on the ending to the program. They’ll all get that opportunity whenever George R.R. Martin ends up composing his variation of the story, however for now, it’s most likely that the tweet was describing the truth that the “Iron Anniversary” is simply a number of days away. 

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