Who are Anonymous as the hacker group post a brand-new video caution?

    Screenshot of an anonymous member wearing a mask

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    Hacktivist group Anonymous have actually apparently returned (Picture:@YourAnonCentral)

    Hacktivist group Anonymous have actually returned with a video which promises to expose Minneapolis Police Department’s ‘many crimes to the world’ following the killing of George Floyd.

    The video, which reveals an activist using the group’s hallmark Guy Fawkes mask, and talking with a digitally controlled voice, ends with the message: ‘We Are legion. Expect us.’

    Shortly after the video was launched, the Minneapolis Police Department’s site was handicapped and taken offline.

    It is presumed this was down to the work of the hackers however this is yet to be validated.

    So, who are Anonymous?

    Who are Anonymous?

    Anonymous are a group of online activists whose primary goal is to target facility hypocrisy and corruption.

    The group very first shot to attention in 2008 when a copyrighted Scientology video starring Tom Cruise was dripped on YouTube.

    The group dispersed denial-of-service attacks versus Scientology sites in retaliation after the church requested for the video to be removed.

    A denial-of-service attack is an intentional effort to overwhelm an online service through superflous demands, therefore rendering it unusable.

    They quickly began utilizing online attacks as a kind of nonviolent demonstration and by 2010 it was introducing routine dispersed denial-of-service attacks versus sites in assistance of copyright.

    Since then, the decentralised group has actually handled a huge range of attacks consisting of ‘Operation Ice ISIS’ where they assaulted the Islamic State’s social networks accounts and ‘destroyed’ months of recruitment work, along with ‘Operation KKK’ where they acquired and threatened to launch 1,000 KKK members’ names.

    Their newest video brings a damning message for the Minneapolis Police Department, mentioning: ‘Officers who eliminate individuals and devote other criminal offenses require to be held responsible similar to the rest people. Otherwise, they will think that they have a license to do whatever they desire. People have actually had enough of this corruption and violence from an organisation that assures to keep them safe.

    ‘After the occasions of the previous couple of years, lots of people are starting to discover that you are not here to conserve us however rather you are here to oppress us and perform the will of the criminal gentility. You are here to keep order for individuals in control, not to supply security for individuals who are managed.

    ‘In fact, you are the very mechanism that elites use to continue their global system of oppression.’

    Derek Chauvin, 44, has actually been charged with third-degree murder in the George Floyd case after videos emerged of a white American law enforcement officer kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck as he pleaded: ‘I can’t breathe’.  

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