Why Ben Affleck Was Ready For Another Chance at Love – E! Online

Why Ben Affleck Was Ready For Another Chance at Love - E! Online

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Traveling to the starlet’ native Havana, they often visited shops, dining establishments and the Cuban Art Factory, a cooking oil factory turned club, art exhibition and restaurant. “Ana was his tour guide and took him to all her favorite places,” a source informed People, including that Affleck, who mastered Spanish while recording a kids’s TELEVISION program in Mexico as a teenager, “seemed to love the trip. He was in a great mood and very friendly.”

The great times continued with a jaunt to Costa Rica (where his friends Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen occur to own a location, FWIW) that saw the costars primarily unwinding at their leasing’s beach, emerging for sundown strolls with a healthy serving of PDA. 

“They have been kissing, cuddling up together and putting their arms around each other a lot,” an observer informed E! News. “They look at each other adoringly and like taking pictures of each other.”

Between all the selfies and the laughs, it’s clear to see that Affleck is smitten. “Ben seems blissfully happy and giddy. He can’t stop smiling and laughing,” continued the observer. “They are without a doubt a couple.”

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