Why has North Korea seized family pet canines?

    Kim Jong Un the North Korean leader

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    Kim Jong-Un has actually apparently purchased family pet canines in Pyongyang to be seized (Picture: Getty Images)

    Reports have actually recommended that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has actually required that all family pet pet dogs in the capital, Pyongyang, be seized.

    Mystery surrounds the choice by the leader of the infamously deceptive state – with a variety of theories offered regarding why he may have made the relocation.

    So simply what is going on in North Korea – and why are individuals being required to quit their family pets to the authorities?

    Here’s what has actually been stated…

    Why is North Korea taking pet canines?

    Although the factors aren’t clear, one report has actually recommended that Kim Jong-Un is taking individuals’s family pet canines due to them representing ‘western decadence’.

    According to South Korean paper Chosun Ilbo, the leader has actually called the family pets ‘a tainted trend by bourgeois ideology’.

    ‘Ordinary individuals raise pigs and animals on their patios, however high-ranking authorities and the rich own family pet canines, which stired some bitterness [among the lower classes],’ a source informed the English edition of the publication.

    ‘Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are forcing them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down.’

    Homeless and hungry dog

    Dogs are thought about a bourgeois sign in North Korea (Picture: Getty Images)

    The relocation has actually likewise come in the middle of reported food scarcities in North Korea in the wake of coronavirus – raising recommendations that some pet dogs are being sent out to dining establishments for meat, while others are being sent out to state-run zoos.

    Chosun Ilbo reported that pet ownership utilized to be seen by the nation’s authorities as Western decadence, however that the mindset unwinded after the nation played host to the World Festival Of Youth And Students back in 1989.

    Although pet meat has actually long been thought about a special on the Korean Peninsula, it has actually ended up being less popular in South Korea recently – however is still extensively consumed in North Korea, with a variety of dining establishments devoted to it.

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