Why Jennifer Aniston’s Trainer Believes in Working Smarter, Not Harder

This Is What It’s Really Like to Do Jennifer Aniston's Hard AF Workout

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The one where workout does not need to be a discomfort.

Jennifer Aniston‘s fitness instructor Dani Coleman just recently exposed the technique she and the Friends star use when it’s time to perspire.

“The biggest tip I can give is to start small,” the physical fitness trainer informed E! News in a special interview. “When people think about working out, they make these grandiose goals. Fight those old-school notions that you have to break your body to get a good workout.”

As the health professional put it, “We really believe in working smarter, not harder for your body.”

Dani– who is the Director of Training at Pvolve and utilizes their technique of low-impact, high-resistance exercises– kept in mind that although Jen enjoys a tough exercise, she likewise understands her limitations.

“With any client, whether it be Jen or anyone that I work with, I always come in with a game plan that’s specific to their body’s needs,” Dani discussed. “Jen likes a nice balance of our Sculpt and Burn format, which is using strengthening blocks with cardio bursts in-between.”

She continued, “One of the beautiful things about functional fitness is, because it mimics how your body moves in everyday life, your body will feel energized.”