Why Kate Wallis Is Still a Victim on Cruel Summer – E! Online

Why Kate Wallis Is Still a Victim on Cruel Summer - E! Online

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Kate Wallis is a victim.

On the June 8 episode of Cruel Summer, audiences discovered the unanticipated origins behind the popular woman’s kidnapping. As fans of the program popular, Kate (Olivia Holt) voluntarily went to Vice Principal Martin Harris’ (Blake Lee) home after a battle with her mom. What was much more unexpected? In the most recent episode, entitled “A Secret of My Own,” it was exposed that Kate and Martin had a months-long affair prior to the previous wound up secured a basement.

However, prior to you evaluate the teen for fleing and taking part in an improper dalliance, see what the Cruel Summer stars needed to state about this, for absence of a much better word, relationship. In a special chat with E! News, Olivia and Blake sounded off on their characters’ participation and highlighted how grooming played a significant element.

Despite Kate’s self-confidence and appeal, Olivia protected that her character resembles every other teen looking for their location on the planet. “So, I think, having all those elements in place and then meeting someone who she truly believes understands her and hears her and believes in her is sort of what she sees,” she discussed. “But, on the other side, it’s pure grooming. It’s pure manipulation.”

Per Olivia, she did a great deal of research study to effectively represent a victim of adjustment and grooming.

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