Why Lindsie Chrisley Hasn’ t Reached Out to Savannah Over Nic Kerdiles

Why Lindsie Chrisley Hasn’t Reached Out to Savannah Over Nic Kerdiles

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Lindsie Chrisley does not wish to rock the boat with her sis.

The Chrisley Knows Best alum stated she has yet to connect to Savannah Chrisley to reveal her compassion over the death of her ex Nic Kerdiles, who passed away in a motorbike crash onSept 23. He was 29.

“In short, I have not reached out to Savannah,” the Southern Tea podcast host stated on theOct 4 episode. “I know that she is understandably very upset and grieving, and I in no way wanted to make the situation worse than what it already was.”

The 34- year-old pointed to her public falling out with her brother or sisters, stating she wishes to keep her range and not rub salt in the wound.

“If you people listened to Viall Files and things that were stated there, and after that my reaction to that on Coffee Convos,” she discussed, “I picked to appreciate her dreams that she had actually revealed on that visitor area on Nick Viall‘s podcast about us not having a participation in each other’s individual lives. And simply chose that it was best, not just for her, however for me, not to connect.”