Why Love Is Blind’s Bartise Hasn’t Shared Girlfriend’s Identity

Why Love Is Blind's Bartise Hasn't Shared Girlfriend's Identity

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“We had some drinks already, and I look over and see the tattoo guy,” he informed E!. “I look at my girlfriend and I’m like, ‘You aren’t down to get matching tattoos.'”

To Bartise’s surprise, nevertheless, his partner was down for the spontaneous ink. “As soon as I said that to her, she got up off my lap and walked right over there,” he continued. “I was like, ‘Oh s–t, we’re actually doing this.’ They’re the real deal. People think they’re fake. But no, we have connecting tattoos.”

Of course, Bartise’s brand-new relationship isn’t just filled with influencer celebrations and matching tattoos. After all, he firmly insisted being a full-time father is his “priority” given that acquiring complete custody of his kid a number of months back.

“Hayden was actually with me on my first date with my new girlfriend and watching him interact with her is something that is a completely different experience,” Bartise gushed. “I saw firsthand how motherly and nurturing and caring and thoughtful my girlfriend was and it was like, ‘This is freaking awesome.'”