Why Mark Cuban is sorry for worrying a lot about aging

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Age is simply a number, if you ask Mark Cuban.

The 65- year-old billionaire states he now is sorry for worrying about his age each time he struck a huge mathematical turning point. “People constantly ask me what I would do in a different way in my life. Just something: I want I had not believed I was getting old at every turning point [birthday] … 30,40,50,” Cuban composed in a current post on Threads.

“I was young and should have known it,” included the Dallas Mavericks co-owner.

Staying favorable about the aging procedure can really benefit your total health: It can enhance your memory and high blood pressure, according to the work of Yale University psychologist BeccaLevy Thinking adversely about aging can have the opposite result, even accidentally speeding up the procedure, scientists at Foundation University Islamabad in Pakistan discovered in 2022.

Cuban’s remarks was available in reaction to a post by author and physical fitness coach Steve Kamb, who composed a list of methods to “remain strong and healthy with a low body fat [percentage]” as you age. Kamb’s recommendations: Stay physically active, and acknowledge that frequently unmanageable elements like “luck, genes [and a] versatile schedule” can significantly impact your physical look.

The more you self-aware you can be about body and physical fitness capabilities altering as you age– without worrying excessive about it– the much better off you’ll be, social psychologist Yoav Bergman informed CNBC Make It in 2022.

“The key is a realistic understanding of the gains and losses associated with aging,” stated Bergman.

You might require to alter your practices as you age to remain healthy, Cuban kept in mind. In the past, he’s discussed being proactive when it pertains to making modifications to his practices and diet plan to remain healthy as he ages.

“I just try to be smart,” Cuban informed Recode in2019 “It’s fascinating: As you grow older, your body is more responsive to vitamins and food and all these various things, [like] allergic reactions I never ever had up until I strike 35 and40 It’s actually fascinating to attempt to figure a few of these things out.”

Rather than getting disappointed about those modifications, accept them, Cuban composed on Threads.

“Your body will change. Your diet will need to change,” he composed. “But that’s not being old. That’s being wise!”

Disclosure: CNBC owns the unique off-network cable television rights to “Shark Tank,” which functions Mark Cuban as a panelist.

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