Why RHOC’s Shannon Beador & Tamra Judge Really Fell Out

Why RHOC's Shannon Beador & Tamra Judge Really Fell Out

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Tamra Judge is back on The Real Housewives of Orange County, however not every castmember is thrilled for her return.

Shannon Beador is detailing her falling out with her fellow Bravo co-star in E! News’ special preview at the program’s season 17 best. During a walking with Emily Simpson, the 2 bond over Tamra openly bad-mouthing them in the past.

“She’ll go below the belt,” Shannon describes to Emily in the sneak peek, “and there’s a lot of stuff that she said about me that isn’t accurate.”

But Emily does not completely comprehend why the long time co-stars’ relationship ended. “The last time I was around Tamra, you two were super, super close,” she keeps in mind, to which Shannon responds, “She was my best friend for six years.”

As for the genuine factor they stopped talking? Shannon recommends it was because of Tamra’s exit from RHOC in 2020, just keeping in mind, “She got fired.”

But Shannon keeps they attempted to remain in touch.