Why Schitt’s Creek’s Cast Had to Uninvite Guests to Emmys Party – E! Online

Why Schitt's Creek's Cast Had to Uninvite Guests to Emmys Party - E! Online

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For Schitt’s Creek, the 2020 Emmys were merely the very best.

After making award program history, Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy and Catherine O’Hara recalled at the memorable night throughout the Sept. 22 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

As fans are aware, the Pop TELEVISION program swept the funny classifications. The whole Rose household won acting honors and the program was called this year’s Outstanding Comedy Series. In reality, Schitt’s Creek won 9 awards in general, the most a funny has actually ever won in a single year.

Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the award program was held practically. So, after taking preventative measures, the cast collected in Toronto to commemorate the huge night and tune in by means of a live feed. Unfortunately, not everybody might be there for the unique minute.

“We had, like, a big party planned. In Canada, you can have a larger gathering because, you know, Canada’s been doing good when it came to the COVID,” Dan informed Jimmy Kimmel throughout his late-night look. “And then obviously, in true 2020 fashion, the night before our Emmy party, the government had to minimize party size in half, which meant that we had a last-minute uninvitation ceremony, which had to happen for our lovely crew, which we were so excited to share the night with. So, it was a strange kind of vibe going into the evening.” 

When Kimmel asked who needed to call the team to break the news, the David Rose star merely responded, “Not us.”

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