Wishbone Kitchen TikToker “Stepping Away” From Being a Private Chef

Wishbone Kitchen TikToker

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Meredith Hayden is stating “yes chef” to a brand-new chance.

The Wishbone Kitchen TikToker is finishing up her time in the Hamptons as a personal chef– however for great factor.

“I am temporarily stepping away from private chef work BUT that is because I am officially writing my debut cookbook!!!!” the 27- year-old, who has 2 million fans, revealed on TikTokSept 1. “I’ll still be postings lots of content as I take you along with me during this next chapter of life but figured I should fill you in. Love you all thank you for making my dreams come true.”

Eying a 2025 release date for her book, she stated she requires to satisfy “some pretty intense deadlines” to make it take place.

“I’m a very hands-on person like I can’t just hand this off to somebody and not be super involved in every single recipe that gets put in the book because you can put a recipe book out and literally not make any of the recipes, did you know that?” she stated. “I did not know that.”