Worst staff member quality is untrustworthiness

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Of the lots of qualities individuals give the work environment, one stands apart as an outright “trust breaker,” according to a Harvard profession professional.

It’s “taking credit for other people’s ideas,” states Heidi K. Gardner, an expert management consultant and prominent fellow at Harvard LawSchool “To me, it signals one of two things,” she informs CNBC MakeIt “Lack of trustworthiness or lack of competence.”

It’s dishonest to pass off another person’s work or concepts as your own, and it produces the impression that you do not appreciate your coworkers, Gardner states: “Maybe they’re unable to actually see how much value the people around them bring to their own success. And that inability to appreciate other people’s contributions is a huge red flag for me.”

You might not even recognize you’re revealing indications of taking credit for the work of others– like accepting your employer’s appreciation for a group task rather of sharing it with your colleagues, or providing a concept that you and a coworker conceptualized together without particularly discussing their contributions.

This does not indicate you require to stop teaming up. Teamwork is essential for any business’s success, and by extension, your own success, Gardner states.

Rather, you require to be transparent when a concept isn’t your own to prevent discovering as unreliable.

“I have to believe that somebody is not a jerk in order to collaborate with them. I have to believe that when they’re challenging me or questioning me, they’re doing so from a place of genuine constructiveness,” Gardner states. “If somebody takes credit for someone else’s work or ideas, they are not trustworthy in that sense.”

That echoes among billionaire Warren Buffett’s long-held tenets: Trustworthiness is any staff member’s most important quality. In a 1998 speech with MBA trainees at the University of Florida, Buffett shared the 3 essential qualities he searches for in a prospective staff member or service partner.

“We look for intelligence, we look for initiative or energy and we look for integrity,” he stated. “And if they don’t have the latter, the first two will kill you. Because if you’re going to get someone without integrity, you want them lazy and dumb.”

Gardner states the essential to success is “smart collaboration,” a term she created to explain when coworkers collaborate on a job that might have been done alone. It leads to increased trust, performance and quality of work, she states– as long as everybody’s transparent about who added to the task, that is.

Plagiarizing and being untruthful are “anti-collaborative,” which’s theNo 1 quality specialists ought to avoid from, states Gardner.

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