Bob Saget’s Family Speaks Out After Judge Helps “Preserve” His Dignity

Bob Saget’s Family Speaks Out After Judge Helps “Preserve” His Dignity

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A Circuit Court judge in Orange County, Fla., has actually approved a long-term injunction of Bob Saget‘s medical records on March 14, per files gotten by E! News.

In a declaration supplied to E! News, Brian Bieber, an attorney representing the household, stated that the court’s movement will assist the household to discover peace and personal privacy as they move on.

“The entire Saget family is grateful that the Judge granted their request for an injunction to preserve Bob’s dignity, as well as their privacy rights, especially after suffering this unexpected and tragic loss,” Brian stated. “We are pleased this issue has been resolved, and the healing process can continue to move forward.”

Bieber ended the declaration on a note of appreciation towards those who have actually kept the Saget household in their ideas. “All of the prayers and well wishes continuously extended to the family are beyond appreciated,” he stated.

The movement follows a judge briefly obstructed the late star’s medical records from being launched onFeb 16, after his household submitted a suit onFeb 15 to keep them personal.