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Catelynn Lowell Is Praying for

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In the middle of mourning pregnancy loss, Catelynn Lowell has actually shared her wish for another kid. 

The Teen Mom OG star required to social networks with a honest message about her dreams to broaden her household. “I just want one more baby,” she composed on Facebook. “Is that to [sic] much to want for/want? I hope that the lord will bless us with another… if not I am definitely grateful for the 3 gorgeous, healthy little ladies that we do have.”

“Infant loss/miscarriage grief is real,” Lowell contributed to a screenshot shared on her Instagram Story. “You are NOT alone and I understand I’m not either…shuts [sic] difficult often.”

Elaborating on her sensations after suffering pregnancy loss, the mama shared a reassuring pointer for any other moms and dads presently having a hard time. “That grief/sadness comes in waves,” she composed, “and that’s OK!”

In early December, the star, who increased to popularity on 16 and Pregnant, shown fans that she remained in the procedure of grieving a current loss. “I WAS Pregnant and excited to share it with all of you and I am heartbroken to reveal that I lost the baby,” she composed in a note on social networks. “I am sharing this to let you know you are not alone. We are all in this together and everyone experiences pain, loss, and the recovery from it and I am still in the thick of dealing with this loss as it was recent and all the emotional trauma that follows such a loss in an already horrifically hard year.” 

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