Trump health authorities talk about Covid vaccines after U.S. administers initially 1 million shots

Trump health officials discuss Covid vaccines after U.S. administers first 1 million shots

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Officials from the Health and Human Services Department and Pentagon are holding a joint instruction Wednesday on the Trump administration’s Covid-19 vaccine program Operation Warp Speed as Americans get a few of the very first shots.

Just over 1 million individuals in the U.S. have actually gotten their very first dosage of a coronavirus vaccine since Wednesday early morning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s a far cry from the federal government’s objective to inoculate 20 million Americans by the end of the year.

Earlier Wednesday, National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins stated that if the U.S. federal government does not fulfill its vaccine objective by the end of this month he hopes Americans “will understand this is a logistic challenge of enormous proportion.”

“Frankly, I think it’s pretty amazing it has gone as fast as it has, recognizing it has only been 10 days since the FDA gave its first approval for emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine and then a week later for Moderna,” Collins informed CNN.

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