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Dr. Terry Dubrow Tackles an

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

A butchered charm.

On tonight’s season 6 ending of Botched, medical professionals Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif took a seat with brand-new client Jessica and learnt more about her dreadful cosmetic surgery journey. During her assessment with the Botched medical professionals, the Los Angeles resident discussed how, after substantial weight-loss, she looked for cosmetic surgery to repair her sagging skin.

“I decided I need a makeover,” Jessica shared in a confessional. “That’s when the nightmare started.”

Jessica very first got an abdominoplasty and a breast lift from a physician in Guadalajara. After not moring than happy with the surgical outcomes, Jessica took a trip to Tijuana, on suggestion from a buddy, to consult with a various physician.

In addition to another abdominoplasty, Jessica wished to increase her breast size and go through liposuction. This time, Jessica wasn’t simply dissatisfied with her outcomes, she was shocked.

Apparently, the cosmetic surgeon covered Jessica in surgical tape, which triggered her skin to come off with the tape.

Jessica mentioned, “And basically he left me with scars everywhere.”

Upon hearing this, a frightened Dr. Dubrow was left “speechless.” Why?

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