Elizabeth Holmes Gives Birth to BabyNo 2 Ahead of Prison Sentence

Elizabeth Holmes Gives Birth to Baby No. 2 Ahead of Prison Sentence

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Elizabeth Holmes has actually broadened her household.

The previous Theranos CEO, who was sentenced to over 11 years in jail back in November, has actually invited her 2nd kid, per court files acquired by E!News As specified in the files, Holmes is mommy to “a toddler and infant.”

Per NBC News, the 39- year-old shares her kids with partner William “Billy” Evans, who she fulfilled following her separation from previous Theranos President Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani

Holmes exposed her child bump while appearing with Billy at a federal court house in San Jose,Calif in November 2022.

The court files, which verify her 2nd kid’s birth, were just recently submitted leading up to a March 17 hearing, where the court will hear Holmes’ demand to stay out of jail while she appeals her conviction.

Holmes’ quote to alter her present fate follows she was sentenced onNov 18 to 11.25 years behind bars and 3 years of monitored release for being condemned on 4 fraud-related charges, per NBCNews Holmes was set to give up to authorities on April 27, 2023.