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Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, participates in the 54 th yearly conference of the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, onJan 18, 2024.

Denis Balibouse|Reuters

Elon Musk is taking legal action against OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman, to name a few, declaring they deserted the business’s starting objective to establish expert system “for the benefit of humanity broadly.”

In a suit submitted on Thursday with a San Francisco court, Musk’s legal representatives stated the tech billionaire was approached in 2015 by Altman and OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman and accepted form a non-profit laboratory that would establish synthetic basic intelligence for the “benefit of humanity.”

“To this day, OpenAI, Inc.’s website continues to profess that its charter is to ensure that AGI benefits all of humanity.’ In reality, however, OpenAI, Inc. has been transformed into a closed-source de facto subsidiary of the largest technology company in the world: Microsoft,” the claim filing stated.

Musk’s legal representatives stated in the claim that OpenAI’s concentrate on optimizing revenues for Microsoft breaks that arrangement.

“Under its new Board, it is not just developing but is actually refining an AGI to maximize profits for Microsoft, rather than for the benefit of humanity,” the filing stated.

OpenAI and Microsoft were not instantly readily available for remark.

Musk’s legal representatives stated the claim was sent “to compel OpenAI to adhere to the Founding Agreement and return to its mission to develop AGI for the benefit of humanity, not to personally benefit the individual Defendants and the largest technology company in the world.”

A co-founder of OpenAI in 2015, Musk stepped down from the company’s board in 2018, 4 years after stating that AI is “potentially more dangerous than nukes.”

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