Emily in Paris’ Camille Razat Teases What’s Next for Character

Emily in Paris' Camille Razat Teases What's Next for Character

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Warning: This short article includes spoilers from Emily in Paris season 3

Don’t state “au revoir” to Camille and Emily’s relationship right now.

In reality, Emily in Paris star Camille Razat specifically informed E! News that she’s remaining positive about Camille’s relationship with Lily Collins‘ Emily, regardless of the reality that things “are even more complicated” now that her character is pregnant.

Camille shared of her season 4 desire: “I hope that Emily and Camille stay friends, I do.”

Lily appeared similarly positive, pitching that Emily needs to babysit the kid– when the time comes.

Although, as co-star Ashley Park mentioned, possibly her character Mindy must supervise of babysitting given that she was currently a baby-sitter. Or possibly not, as Ashley additional quipped, “She’s not a good one.”

The season 3 ending ended with a cliffhanger: After Camille disposed Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) at the wedding event altar, she stated that Emily and Gabriel needs to be together as they’re plainly in love. Though Emily and Gabriel confessed that there were genuine sensations there, the French chef kept in mind that there was a 4th celebration to be thought about– and we’re not speaking about Emily’s British partner Alfie (Lucien Laviscount).