Golf devices makers want to purchase more factories to satisfy need

Golf equipment makers look to buy more factories to meet demand

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The golf market is seeing a rise in need throughout the pandemic, with PGA Tour Superstore reporting a 55% boost in total year-to-date sales compared to 2019.

Demand is so high that providers are having a hard time to maintain, Dick Sullivan, CEO of PGA Tour Superstore, stated on CNBC’s “The Exchange” on Friday.

“We are hearing that factories are purchasing additional factories overseas to keep up with this incredible demand,” Sullivan stated.

“The demand has been unprecedented,” he stated — and unforeseen.

“There’s no factories anywhere around the world that predicted this kind of growth,” Sullivan stated.

“In a lot of cases the assumptions were that once we were vaccinated, once people were able to go back inside, that less people would be outside, and we’re not seeing that,” he stated. “We’re continuing to see people want to be outside.”

PGA Tour Superstore is likewise dealing with the very same supply-chain obstacles as others in the retail market, with crowded ports, container lacks and Covid-19 break outs slowing deliveries.

“We’re not immune to what we are seeing everywhere across all industries, but we are working with all our suppliers, and, you know, what may have been just a few days of lead time unfortunately is turning into weeks,” Sullivan stated. “But I was in California this week working with suppliers to see how we can accelerate the lead times to make sure we satisfy this demand.”

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