How Jenna Ortega & Christina Ricci Bonded Over Wednesday Addams

How Jenna Ortega & Christina Ricci Bonded Over Wednesday Addams

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You’ll wish to snap, snap after hearing this sweet news.

As the completely ooky brand-new series Wednesday was launched on NetflixNov 23, star Jenna Ortega is discussing how she and Christina Ricci— who played the titular character in the 1991 movie The Addams Family and its 1993 follow-up Addams Family Values— linked over the function throughout Ricci’s cameo look.

“Playing Wednesday as a teenager—I think we had that conversation a little bit later,” Ortega solely informed E!News “She related to a lot of the struggles or interesting challenges that made the job more fun or exciting in certain aspects, and that I really appreciated.”

And obviously, both starlets found that playing Wednesday can include a predisposition to be a little more ironical than the typical individual.

“We both are a bit dry,” the You alum described. “If we’re talking to each other, neither one of us can tell whether the other person is being serious or not. It’s kind of a fun game.”

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