Inside Ashley Graham’s Journey to Motherhood – E! Online

Inside Ashley Graham's Journey to Motherhood - E! Online

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New intents set, she “wrote down everything I wanted in a future husband,” she informed The Knot in 2019. But she understood what she truly desired was to fulfill him in a couple of years, possibly a years. “I didn’t want to date,” she stated. “I wanted to be single.” 

Somewhere fate was listening—and chuckling. 

Because within a year, she discovered herself offering at a church, her go back to her Southern Baptist roots coming at her mama’s advising after what she called a “little issue with some tequila.” 

It was at that New York City chapel, on a night called “Porn Sunday,” when “ex-porn stars came in and talked about how their life had been changed by church and god,” Graham informed InStyle UK, that she initially came in person with Ervin, an evangelical with an MFA in social documentary filmmaking and a charming spirit. 

“One Sunday my volunteer position was to stand in the elevator welcoming people, passing out candy and pushing the button to the eighth floor,” she composed in her book, excerpted by Glamour. “When two tall men walked in, I didn’t bat an eye. One nudged the other and said, ‘If you don’t talk to her, I will.’ His friend left the elevator, but he stayed on.”

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