Jennifer Coolidge’s Dream Superpower Will (Literally) Blow You Away

Jennifer Coolidge’s Dream Superpower Will (Literally) Blow You Away

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Jennifer Coolidge certainly deserves her own throne– however if she had it her method, it ‘d be a porcelain throne.

After informing E! News she ‘d be down to sign up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the White Lotus star exposed what her perfect superpower would be if she starred in among the smash hits.

“I would have a toilet in my house that had very high power underneath it,” she solely informed E! News Chief Correspondent Keltie Knight at the 2023 DROOPAwards “And when anyone came to sit on it, they got shot into the universe.”

But in this universe, Jennifer currently has a superpower … her performing chops, which resulted in her leaving with a droop award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for White Lotus.

It’s a minute the 61- year-old does not consider given.

“I want you all to know that I am just so grateful, so grateful,” Jennifer stated after accepting her very first droop prize in front of her peers onFeb 26. “You know, you can give money to friends and do nice things for them—and people love money—and I do whatever I can when your friends are broke.”