Man passes away after downing one-and-a-half litres of Coca Cola in minutes

    Only hours after he downed the fizzy drink, the man developed severe stomach pains and bloating    (Picture: Getty)

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    Only hours after he downed the carbonated beverage, the male established serious stomach discomforts and bloating (Picture: Getty)

    A male in China has actually passed away after downing one-and-a-half litres of Coca Cola in simply 10 minutes to cool down in the heatwave, physicians in China claim.

    Medics think that the male’s fast usage caused a deadly accumulation of gas inside his body, which starved his liver of oxygen and ultimately eliminated him.

    Only hours after he downed the carbonated beverage, the 22- year-old industrialized serious stomach discomforts and bloating, which triggered him to check out Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing.

    There, tests exposed that the unnamed client had a raised heart rate, low high blood pressure and fast breathing.

    The male is not thought to have actually had any hidden health problems, the Daily Mail reports.

    An examination into the freak occurrence has actually been recorded in the Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology.

    CT scans revealed that he had a develop of gas in his intestinal tracts, which then started to take a trip into his portal vein, situated in the liver.

    Scans likewise revealed he had hepatic anemia, called ‘shock liver’, which is triggered by low oxygen supply to the organ.

    Doctors think this was connected to the existence of gas in the portal vein.

    They provided the client medication to assist secure his liver and to attempt to stabilise his other body functions from more damage.

    However, some medical experts believed it highly improbable that the man died from a Coca-Cola overdose (Picture: Getty)

    However, some medical professionals thought it extremely unlikely that the male passed away from a Coca-Cola overdose (Picture: Getty)

    But after 12 hours, blood tests revealed the male had major liver damage.

    His condition degraded even more and he passed away 18 hours after treatment.

    The damage to his liver is what professionals in China think eliminated him.

    However, some UK medics think it is ‘highly improbable’ that the male passed away from a Coca-Cola overdose.

    Professor Nathan Davies, a biochemist at University College London, questioned the real reason for the death insisting it was not likely the carbonated drink is to blame.

    He stated: ‘The chances of downing one-and-a-half litres, or a little over three pints, of a regular soft drink being fatal would be very, very unlikely, I mean, staggeringly unlikely.’

    He stated more details was required than that supplied in the report to draw any company conclusions on what eliminated the male.

    In addition, he hypothesized that a bacterial infection, a recognized reason for a gas accumulation internally, might have been to blame instead of the soda.

    Professor Davies discussed that these germs can form gas pockets, triggering problems comparable to the ones the male experienced prior to his death.

    He included: ‘Usually this kind of condition is triggered since you have germs that has actually made its method from the typical intestinal system to someplace they are not expected to be, in this case, in the lining of the little intestinal tract.

    ‘It is possible, however not needed that most likely, that consuming a big quantity of soft drink might have had a worsening affect.

    ‘But with no underlying condition it is very hard to see what could have happened.’

    Coca- soda has actually been gotten in touch with for remark.

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