“Octomom” Nadya Suleman Shares Rare Insight Into Her Life With 14 Kids


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As for her regular, the 47- year-old noted she attempts to strength train 3 to 4 days a week in addition to do an hour of cardio 4 to 5 days a week “(switched from the stair master to stationary bike years ago).”

And her kids–Elijah, 22, Amerah, 20, Joshua, 19, Aidan, 17, 16- year-old twins Calyssa and Caleb, and 14- year-old octuplets Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Makai, Josiah and Jeremiah— are doing the same.

“Fortunately, my kids have adopted the same active lifestyle,” she included. “My oldest three weight train, far heavier than I, and more frequently.”

Especially the earliest. “Eli, who has been training consistently for three years, has surpassed what I’ve achieved in 30, and loves mocking me at the gym lol,” Nadya continued. “He has encouraged me however, to lift heavier, using proper technique, which has improved my strength and performance.”

And now she has a message to any fellow moms and dads listening.

“Never compare yourself to anyone else!” she composed. “Your current fitness level and fitness journey is unique to you, so only strive to be the best version of yourself. Focus on setting personal goals and aim to achieve them, progressing at your own pace. Lead by example so your children learn to prioritize physical activity, and encourage them to workout with you!”