Pepsi introduces advertisement with Super Bowl halftime program star The Weeknd

Pepsi launches ad with Super Bowl halftime show star The Weeknd

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The Weeknd in Pepsi’s “Get Ready” advertisement.


Pepsi’s halftime program might star The Weeknd, however the business hopes its brand-new project will produce buzz for the program the whole month.

The PepsiCo drink brand name is changing its standard Super Bowl advertisement slot with a brand-new project to leading up to its halftime program including the artist.

Pepsi, which will be sponsoring the Super Bowl’s halftime program for the tenth year, stated this marks the very first time the business has actually included its halftime program skill in a business. It’s likewise the very first time it’s done a business promoting the halftime program. The project will start with a business throughout the NFL championship game this weekend. 

“Brands are constantly normally tipping over themselves to get a 30 [second spot] and do something enjoyable on social and attempt to link and cut through,” Pepsi VP of Marketing Todd Kaplan informed CNBC in an interview.  “We’re really going to take the experience from 12 minutes into six weeks.”

For business, the video game represents an uncommon chance to record the nation’s attention at the same time, one made rarer in after a year that saw numerous live occasions cancelled, postponed or otherwise affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Companies consisting of M&M’s, Pringles, Toyota and TurboTax have actually currently stated they’re promoting throughout the video game. But this year’s occasion will be one unlike any other for brand names, which will need to strike the ideal tone in their marketing as the pandemic rages on and political stress possibly tone down following the governmental shift.

Kaplan stated the business is taking a positive tack with its own advertisement. The area includes individuals restocking grocery racks, blow drying their hair, cleaning their swimming pool and doing other solo activities while dancing along to or full-blown vocalizing The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights,” which was launched in 2019 and was Billboard’s “No. 1 Hot 100 Song of the Year” in 2020.

“I do think though consumers now are really looking for optimism and kind of a bit of escapism, you know, given what everyone’s been through it,” Kaplan stated. “I think no matter what the nation is going through … people like music. It’s a little escapism, and just enjoyment in everyday life, showing these everyday moments.” 

Pepsi’s project will consist of the TELEVISION area, a digital push, and product packaging on 500 million bottles and cans with a QR code that causes a site with top quality material and enhanced truth experiences. It will likewise have retail promos with shop screens in places of shops consisting of Kroger, Target, 7-Eleven, Dollar General.