Prince Harry Thinks Princess Diana Interview Controversy Is “Horrid” – E! Online

Prince Harry Thinks Princess Diana Interview Controversy Is

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Prince Harry might reside on the opposite of the Atlantic ocean now, however that does not suggest he’s not helpful of Prince William or the examination into Princess Diana‘s questionable interview with Martin Bashir.

A source near Prince Harry is reacting to current tabloid reports that implicate the royal of stopping working to support his sibling and secure their late mom’s tradition. The source informs E! News, “Harry is getting regular updates and is aware of everything that is happening.”

“You do not need a public statement to imagine how he is feeling privately, people know how much his mother means to him,” the expert continues. “He has bravely spoken out in the past about loss and grief, and the immense impact it has had on him. Sadly, some people are not just seeing this as a drive for truth, but also trying to use this as an opportunity to drive a wedge between the brothers.”

E! News is informed that the Duke of Sussex believes the commentary surrounding his supposedly fractured relationship with Prince William is “utterly horrid and offensive.”

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