See Kourtney Kardashian React to Claims She Ended KUWTK – E! Online

See Kourtney Kardashian React to Claims She Ended KUWTK - E! Online

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“Why? Because you’ve stated prior to that you do not, like, love recording and things like that so they presume you’re the one who decided?” Scott safeguarded her. “Does it bother you?” 

“Yeah they’re saying it as a joke but I’m sure there’s people who really believe it,” Kourtney responded. 

Scott stated it’s “obviously not true,” which concluding KUWTK was a household choice. Kourtney concurred and even exposed that this isn’t the very first time the Kardashians have actually questioned whether to continue the series.

“Every time our contract’s up we always have this conversation of like, ‘Do we want to keep doing this? What are we happy with? What do we want to do?'” Kourtney discussed. “If everyone wanted to keep doing it I’m sure I would have kept doing it too. Unless I found my island to move to….”

But Scott appeared to have an individual reason he’s reluctant to bid farewell to KUWTK. “My biggest fear is that we will float apart and not see each other nearly as much because if we don’t work together every day, we’re surely not going to see each other every day,” Scott informed the electronic camera. “It’s very sad to me, you know. It’s kind of the ending of an era.”

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